Ha ha, just kidding…obviously there’s some value to your eyes gracing my (b)log with your presence otherwise I wouldn’t have made it so readily visible.  This is a side project for me, because I’m pregnant and can’t hit the road myself right now.  My usual daily 2-miler on the shores of the Great Mother Erie have been replaced by obnoxious work out DVD’s.  It’s more than disheartening.  Running isn’t just about the workout for me, or even for training for a particular race or distance.  It’s the only time I don’t have to multitask the multitude of thoughts, lists, chores, meals, diapers, potty times, laundry, grocery runs, and whatever else the day brings.  Being a mom is a lot harder without that 2 miler every morning as the sun comes up.  In that 2 miles, I can blast my music at an unsafe level again…take in the gorgeous view of my lake town without keeping tabs or entertaining my little one, and just do what I love…run.

I don’t know why, but runners do.  The more it hurts the better it feels.  The satisfaction as I stretch by the lake after a hard effort, taking in the sunrise and view of Cedar Point and the Huron Light House, is irreplaceable.  Which is why I’m sometimes a little extra grouchy and a little more irritable when I’m pregnant.  Well, that and I feel like an alien.

Traverse City Cherry Festival 5K

This picture was taking this past July, at the Traverse City Cherry Festival 5K.  Finally back in the summer racing circuit that I love after having the beautiful girl in the photo with me (Brianne Marie), I won a medal I let her wear during the parade that followed.  It was a cool moment in my running log.  One that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. 

I have a lot of lofty goals for this (b)log.  But  really, I just miss my sport.  I love my sport, and I love keeping in touch with my old teammates and running pals.  It’s a cool part of me, and a cool part of life. 

So connect away…and run some miles for me.