A runner can tell a lot about another runner by their running shoes.  Nike’s?  Asic’s?  Dirty?  Clean?  Worn on one side more than another?  Laces shredded?  Lucky charms attached? i pod chip installed?  Bright pink?  All black?  You get the point.

As a runner, it’s the most important piece of equipment you own.  Every step is calculated into that shoe’s ability to enhance your stride, prevent blisters, cater to your over or under pronating feet, prevent shin splints and stress fractures…  Do they let your feet breath?  Do they keep your feet warm?  Is there enough traction for your favorite woodland trail, or less to enhance speed on your favorite road race?

Running in the wrong shoe can create major havoc on your feet.  Just ask mine.  Anytime I stray away from my trusty pair of Asic 2130’s they cry and ache in protest. It can take years to find just the right shoe.  Just like it can take years to find just the right rhythm in your stride.

So, how do you pick the right shoe?  Put the blinders on and feel the road…or trail…or track…

Which pair makes your feet smile.

What running shoe are you?