Yep, it’s true.  Smartphones officially run our lives. Now, we’re taking them running with us?

Don’t be embarrassed…it’s totally practical, and not just for the given safety reasons it provides.

Ever get lost on a run?  GPS!

Need to know where the nearest water stop is?  What to earn some Foursquare points on the go?

There are a ton of runners who run with their phones to track time and distance rather than a watch.  A lot of times, that same phone is also their ipod-like-device.   Check out all these running apps!  Crazy! Talk about a serious running partner!  This guy even ran Boston like this to promote a running app.  Whoa.

Anyway, to cut to the chase a friend of mine asked me this morning for recommendations on what to harbor these devices in while it’s still cold out.  Hence, the search for zipper pocket gear that’s comfortable begins.

Here you go…my picks for Smartphone holders before it’s warm enough to convert to the arm band. (since my friend’s a chica, like me, they are women’s styles…but there’s always a mirror of it on the mens side.)

Under Armour makes 2 cool ones I’d recommend.  Click here for for the other.

Nick, of course, has some sweet gear.  Here’s a cool one. And another

And Adidas always makes some pretty credible stuff, too.  Try this one. Or this one.

Look at Dick’s Sporting Goods for deals on these, too, if you can’t swing the online price.  Or, sometimes I find the Champion version on the clearance rack at Target…which is always a glorious thing.  Old Navy has come a long way in their running gear, but is still hit or miss on true to size quality.

Happy Strides!