Racing with the girls at the PIB 5K

The double jogger makes its debut at the PIB 5K

I said I’d never do it.  That’s an immediate jinx, but I said it anyway.  Over, and over, and over again.  I will not run with a jog stroller.  Why?

1.  I am a klutz, and the thought of the inevitable injuries terrifies me.

2.  I am a klutz.

3.  Running is my time…in the morning…before my house erupts in chaos…my time.

It’s been so long since my last entry because since then I’ve given birth to my second daughter via my second C-Section…and been “blessed” with a crash course in the reality of my new day to day life.  2 months in, I ordered a double jogger.  What, you ask, made me give up “my time” and take my chances with being a klutz to succumb to the baby jogger scene?

1.  There’s no such thing as “my time” anymore.  And if I thought I knew what a chaotic house was before, I was clearly fooling myself.

2.  It’s the only way I can carve time out of the day to run.  Sometimes, it’s 4pm before I finally get out for a run.

Many  times I’ve asked myself why I run.  It hurts, it’s painful…agonizing…and as redundant as this very statement.   Who ever thought I might not have the time to cause myself a little more pain every day?  Rather, not be allowed to.  Unbelievably ironic.

Thankfully, my #2 is a beautiful healthy baby, who’s loud just like her big sister…and her mommy.  (For anyone that knows me…we all knew that would be the gene I would pass down.)  Having a 2 year old and recovering from surgery with an infant all at the same time means, for me, a popped stitch about 4 weeks in, and instead of a 6 week wait to start running I began to stare down an 8…at best.

Do you know how HARD it is to sit still when all you want to do is sprint out the door and down the road without a watermelon growing out of your stomach?  It sucks.  I started falling into worse shape than I was the day my daughter was born. (I’d been reduced to a brisk 2 mile walk every morning…but it was something.)  Relax and recover?  Ha ha, yep, OK.  I mentioned I had a 2 year old, right?  Bless her heart, she’s a great kid and hilarious…but still 2.  She got tired of running circles around me 2 days in.

I taught her to run…everywhere.  Kid never walked.  Crawled…then ran.  It was a fun little game we played all the time.  I encouraged it.  Just like her hilarious habit of hugging trees…even wooden fence poles that once were trees.  (We never thought that would stick.)  There’s no possible way to reverse it now that I have a second child to contend with instead of darting after my first.  Adds to the challenge.  (Note to parents…if you think you might have more….let them walk.)

Thankfully, we help out with our high school cross country team, which allows her to run and have a pack of people to chase her down.  Now, when she takes off (in the grocery store, at Cedar Point, at the park, at the mall…) she asked me to cheer her on.  “Mommy tell me go! go! go!” I’m pretty sure the general public overseeing this madness thinks I’m teaching her to run away or something.  Gotta love her enthusiasm…please be a runner….please be a runner.

Now’s the part where I tell you all is great with the jogger, and running, and everything else, right?  Ha ha ha.

The jogger is great.  The day it came in the mail I ripped it out of the box and put it together immediately.  Ahhhh.  The smell of sweet freedom, I thought.  The next day I ran the girls down to XC practice, feeling free as a bird, and finally not like my guts were going to fall out of my stomach.  (Major plus.)  I thought to myself, “they’ve made a stroller that’s ‘Megan proof.”  Up the walking bridge and down the hill to the park.  Almost there.  Here comes the team running up behind me.  Like any runner, I picked up the pace and tried as hard as I could to look like it was easy.  Then, crash.  The front wheel went one way and we stopped in our tracks.  Crap.  My 10 minutes of glory came to a crashing halt.  Well, no one was hurt.  And that was my ‘crash’ course in why to lock the front swivel wheel while running…especially fast, and especially downhill.

After I called in a favor to my dad we were back on the road soon after the wheel had been reattached and realigned…the only thing hurt being my pride.  I really am a klutz.

Fast forward a month later and we raced in our first 5K, me and the girls together.  It was a blissful moment, full of pride that I was back on the road…until the first hill.  OK, that’s hard with 2 kids.  Then, lots of hills.  “I don’t remember this course being so hilly….”  I thought.  Oh, why not add some wind?  It’s fall.  Fall is windy.  We’re right on Lake Erie.  Pack it on.

I finished, clocking my slowest ever 5K time.  And that’s how life is now.  It may not be pretty or fast, but I get that run in every other day and it feels great…until I take my headphones off and both of my daughters scream me back into reality.  The last episode ended in the older one completely unfastening herself, and then began to do the same to her sister.  When asked why, she matter of factly stated, “Mommy, she was mad.”  Ugh.

Once again, running is therapeutically guiding me through another stage in my life.  The stay-at-home-work-from-home-life-with-2-kids-and-little-adult-conversation-which-can-be-very-isolating-stage.  This lesson?  Baby Steps & Patience….and a glass of Merlot at the end of the day.  🙂

I’ll bet when I race without 2 kids and a jogger I’ll pick up some time….but I have a feeling this will be some funny shit to talk about for pretty much the rest of my life.

Happy Strides.