…and High School Track begins…  First official timing day is Monday.  Practice schedule?  Check.  Meet Schedule?  Check.  It took me back, as it often does when I’m around a bunch of high schoolers who make me feel torn between, “seems like yesterday,” and “omg I’m old.”  Back to my days of running drills in the high school hall way and getting ready for the Balwin Wallace Indoor Meets.  It was always so hard to train in the winter, but somehow back then I was semi-invincible and naive about the whole process.

I can tell who trained through the winter without even asking.  It’s evident by the ginger walking due to sore muscles and the obvious lack of knowledge of cold weather gear…red fingers…pink ears.  I get it.  I understand.  It sucks to run in the winter.

My heroes are the runners who, even when they don’t have to, continue to train outdoors throughout the winter.  Especially this winter.  I am not one of them.

I used to be.  The memories of running outside in shorts in the dead of winter, thinking it comical that my legs were reddish-purple after a few miles, aren’t that distant of a memory.  However, in my older years I’d like to think I’ve become wiser.

Learning from my life experiences, I now know that if I can’t ride a bike without crashing horribly, or run downhill with my jogging stroller without crashing horribly, chances are running on an icy surface would end badly for me.

Plus, I like the break…until the break’s over and I’m puking after the first 2 miles I try to run during the first good thaw.  I have less overuse injuries and I’m mentally fresh-but Ugh…how easy it is to forget how hard it is to get into shape again.

Anymore, I only run the local 5K circuit here every year, which revolves around which island or lake town the race is in.  This close to post-childbirth on #2…I’m just thankful to be back out on the road again.

Here’s to you, winter runners.  You may be faster than me in April, but I might be passing you by September.

And here’s to you, spring starters…may the puking pass quickly.

Happy Track Season!